Try the BBL Photofacial!

Here are some pictures of an actual BBL Photofacial Treatment -

Before Treatment

Karla - Before.JPG

Day 3 

Karla - Day 3.JPG

at 2 weeks!

Karla - 2 Weeks After.JPG

Karla's Comment:

So, I want to share my BBL Phototfacial experience thus far. In a word, it's been GREAT!! As an avid sun-worshipper in earlier years, I always thought the "tan look" was the is NOT!! I am appreciating the disappearance of all my brown spots, and am loving my bright, smooth and youthful skin. The procedure itself is quick and easy. The laser feels a little bit zippy, but it goes very fast. Following the treatment, you may feel a little warm in the face, but for many of us, that's nothing new:) And the "downtime" is minimal - nothing that some cover-up can't take care of! So excited for treatment #3!!

Posted on November 13, 2012 .