BBL - PhotoFacial / Rejuvenation

BBL-PhotoFacial is a noninvasive treatment that reduces pigmentation problems such as age spots, sun spots and broken capillaries, leaving you with a complexion that has improved skin tone and texture.

A series of Broad Band Light stimulates collagen -minimizing sun damage, brown spots, acne scarring, age spots, discoloration, and fine lines. You'll notice a healthy, radiant complexion as the imperfections fade away.

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Frequently Asked Questions: PhotoFacial/Rejuvenation

 Where can BBL PhotoFacials/Rejuvenation be used? 
The most common areas treated are the face, neck and decollete; however, these treatments can be used anywhere on the body.

 How soon will I see results? 
Results can be seen after just 1 treatment, although 3 to 6 treatments at 2 to 3 week intervals are typically given to achieve optimal results.

Are there potential side effects? 
Side effects may include slight redness (most return to natural skin color  within 20 to 30 minutes. Pigmentary changes of the skin, blisters, and red spots are rare but do ocasionally occur.

Who shouldn't receive BBL Photo Rejuvenation? 
People should not have BBL Photo Rejuvenation treatments if they have recently been tanned from sun or UV exposure or if they have a darker skin type.

How much does BBL Photo Rejuvenation cost? 
Fees for BBL Photo Rejuvenation vary depending on the part of the body that is treated. Please call for a consultation.

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