Skin Therapies:
Facials, Microderm, Peels, Dermaplaning

About our Esthetician:
The esthetician on staff at Bodyworks is a certified medical esthetician. She has extensive training, including advanced esthetics training from the National Laser Institute in Arizona.

  • State Licensed Esthetician Skills -Skin Care Facials, Body Treatments & Wraps, Waxing, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels

  • Medical Aesthetic Certification Skills - Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL), Ultrasound, High Frequency Skin Tightening, Dermapen, Dermaplaning, Lamprobe, Laser Hair Removal


All spa and fitness services are by appointment only,
please call (847) 680-3982. 

Bodyworks Signature Facial

A reconditioning and firming treatment. A customized blend of Skinceutical antioxidants and vitamin serums are infused to the skin to combat the premature signs of aging. This facial treatment brightens and balances out skin tone, leaving the skin feeling healthier, firmer, and well hydrated.
 (50 minutes, $95)

Deluxe Facial

Enjoy the Signature facial paired with a ½ hour customized massage of your choice.
 (80 minutes, $120)

Clarifying Facial

Designed for oily or acne prone skin. Clearing treatment includes a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, followed by a purifying mask to reduce oil while maintaining skin moisture balance.
 (55 minutes, $90)

Ultrasound Facial

Ultrasound waves penetrate deep below the surface of the skin to cleanse, repair, and stimulate collagen elastin production. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, reduces inflammation, and evens out unwanted pigmentation.
 (55 minutes, $130)

Fruit Enzyme Facial

A combination of natural fruit enzymes to dissolve surface dead skin cells while a nourishing mask formulated with antioxidants revitalizes the skin.
 (55 minutes, $100)

Calming Facial 55min

This facial will soothe the most reactive of skin and is an ideal choice for anyone with rosacea, sensitive or red, inflamed skin. ($95) 

Essential Facial

This classic facial includes cleansing & exfoliation followed by a custom mask.
 (50 minutes, $80)


A deep exfoliation that reduces pore size, acne scars, fine wrinkles and repairs sun-damaged skin while increasing production of collagen and elastin.

  • Face ($80)

  • Face/Neck ($100)

  • Face/Neck/Décolleté ($110)

A series of 7 is recommended. Buy package of 6 and receive the 7th free.

Microdermabrasion & Essential Facial

Combine the Essential Facial and Microdermabrasion to optimize the benefits of both skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.
 (90 minutes, $140)

Purchase a package of 6, receive the 7th free.

Skinceuticals Chemical Peel Treatment

This treatment is customized for your skin type to stimulate cell renewal and revitalize skin while improving fine lines, age spots and mild scarring. ($100)

A series of 4-6 treatments is recommended every 7-10 days. Buy a package to receive 10% off.

Skinceuticals Chemical Peel Facial

Combine a facial with the peel to enhance the results of your treatment. ($140)

Dermaplaning with Skinceuticals Chemical Peel

Dermaplaning is a highly effective and safe physical exfoliation of the skin to clear away dry dead skin cells and vellus hair. Once the skin has been primed by removing the superfluous skin cells, a Skinceutical Chem Peel is applied followed by a moisturizing serum. This treatment smooths the skin, diminishes the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin simply glowing. ($130)